Our vision is a world where all people facing cancer can live with dignity and hope.

We believe we can make the greatest impact by exemplifying our core values:


We go above and beyond in every aspect of our work to maximize impact.


We are always looking for progressive ways to improve outcomes for our constituents.


We are passionately committed to helping people who have cancer live with dignity and hope.


We work collaboratively at all levels knowing the end result is better for it.

A look into more than two decades bridging inequity

1997The Max Foundation is born

A small group of volunteers joined forces with a mission to help families in Latin America with children diagnosed with leukemia gain access to education and support. They name their grassroots organization The Max Foundation to honor Maximiliano “Max” Rivarola, who passed away from chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) in 1991 at age 17.

2001A breakthrough treatment

Imatinib (Glivec®), the first oral drug of its kind that kills CML cells is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration to treat cancer patients. This innovative treatment changed the natural course of the disease, turning CML from a deadly disease to a chronic condition. Before this breakthrough, CML patients were expected to live three to five years, depending on which stage they were diagnosed.

2001Building a partnership

We partner with Novartis to develop and administer their Glivec® International Patient Assistance Program, a direct-to-patient international drug donation program providing cancer treatment (imatinib (Glivec®)) for patients in more than 70 low- and middle-income countries.

2008A growing divide

A majority of CML patients taking imatinib and targeted therapies continue to see positive results and extend their lifespan. For those who become resistant to imatinib there are new, powerful oral medications that can be used as second- and third-line treatments with success. While many patients in the U.S. and high-income countries gain access to these highly effective treatments, a majority of patients and health care providers in low-income settings have yet to gain access to treat cancer patients.

2016Bridging the gap

Five multinational pharmaceutical companies join our mission to give access to cancer treatment and quality care. Together, we form the Humanitarian Partnership for Access to Cancer Treatment (PACT)—a commitment to providing access for patients who have no other means of accessing treatment.

2017Expanding our work

We launch Max Access Solutions, the first global oncology model of its kind, offering a portfolio of cancer therapies, diagnostic solutions, and patient services with diverse partnerships that further aid patients with access to quality treatment and care.

202020 million daily doses

We celebrate surpassing 20 million daily doses of treatment delivered to patients worldwide since the launch of Max Access Solutions. Every dose is another day patients can face their cancer with dignity and hope.

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