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February 4 is World Cancer Day!  So, how are we honoring World Cancer Day in 2018? With a powerful playlist of songs shared with us by our global team of advocates around the world.

Living with cancer can be likened to running a marathon that requires energy, stamina, support, and encouragement; it takes the same and more to get through daily disease treatment regimes. We want you to know that you are not alone in facing your diagnosis. You have the support from our global community each day!  We created a playlist of inspiring songs from around the world so you can listen anytime to keep you going.

These are not just any songs, friends. These are songs that are upbeat, energizing and empowering!  Songs chosen to remind us and remind our patient friends all around the world that on World Cancer Day and beyond, “We Can, I Can”.  After all, we can all listen to inspiring music and feel the support of your community.

Listen to the World Cancer Day Playlist today!

World Cancer Day Playlist 2018 songs: